2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Revealed! Here's My Take


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has been revealed! Today I'm going over my thoughts on the new Ford F-150 Lightning, and I'll explain all the ins and outs of the Lightning, along with an overview of its benefits and drawbacks -- and then I'll reveal what Doug DeMuro thinks of the Ford F-150 Lightning.


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  1. Some Person

    Some Person2 päivää sitten

    Ford's gotten too expensive. I need something affordable and practical.

  2. Samuel

    Samuel2 päivää sitten

    Doug, you are a legacy auto shill.

  3. Leslie Weir

    Leslie Weir3 päivää sitten

    You'll never see the $40K model.

  4. Pootis Spangle

    Pootis Spangle4 päivää sitten

    Ha ha ha, a Ram 3500 is slightly over $36,000 for better and bigger performance. Theirs reasons I like Ram, that's one.

  5. William Sevedge

    William Sevedge5 päivää sitten

    Sorry Doug. You drank the kool aid. as far as powering your house is not as simple as to driving your Ford into the garage and plugging it it. Trucks are DC homes are AC. An inverter and isolation switch are necessary. Charging... Tesla superchargers provide 47kw until the 90% level, Ford drops to 11% at 80% You touched on versatility of having usable power at thejob site, but that eats KW too. Tesl truck will have a compressor, not only for ride height, but for powering air tools. There are many more that could be id'd but study the real differences spec to spec, nd you will put aside the kool aid.

  6. William Sevedge

    William Sevedge5 päivää sitten

    I have to give you a Doug score of 42 for this review

  7. John Schnedler

    John Schnedler5 päivää sitten

    This is misinformation. $40k for the standard battery commercial model. The cheapest long range model consumers can get will be around $62k.

  8. RC Khromov Garage

    RC Khromov Garage6 päivää sitten

    Would like to hear your opinion on the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe?

  9. Joel Aquino

    Joel Aquino6 päivää sitten

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  10. John McQuaide

    John McQuaide7 päivää sitten

    Finally someone gets it and just electrifies a current generation model vehicle (of whatever type) instead of creating a whole new vehicle.

  11. Michael Lachowskyj

    Michael Lachowskyj8 päivää sitten

    Ford themselves may believe they are able to convince people to go electric with their trucks, but I don’t know if dealers will be incentivized enough to push them. Current dealers make a lot of money on service after purchase and part of the benefits being pushed currently is how little regular maintenance electric vehicles need. So if you are a dealer, what benefit is it to you to push people to buy the lightning when the gas truck is $5000 cheaper in comparison (making it easier to sell) and will almost guarantee a continual source of income with regular oil changes and whatnot. I love the truck but I haven’t heard many people talk about this

  12. GalaxyNail The BFDI And Cars Fan

    GalaxyNail The BFDI And Cars Fan8 päivää sitten


  13. Scruffy

    Scruffy8 päivää sitten

    I think your absolutely correct about towing range. Right now, 1/2 - 3/4 ton electric pick-ups are not suitable for towing long range. As a utility truck, I think Ford checked all the boxes. I am ready to test drive one.

  14. Mini2nut

    Mini2nut8 päivää sitten

    I can’t help but think what parts BEV pickups DON’T have. Catalytic converters, driveshafts, rear ends, transfer cases, belts, engine and transmission sensors, etc. Leadership of these parts supplier need to be pivoting ASAP. Except for replacement parts their will be no market in the future. As a BEV owner all can this: once you try a great BEV you will never go back to a fossil fueled vehicle again.

  15. Anthony Sierra

    Anthony Sierra8 päivää sitten

    Doug Correction 300 miles is estimated with the a tow load of 10k .. estimated range with out towing is around 450 miles

  16. Antonio Montes

    Antonio Montes9 päivää sitten

    Bruh only 10k tow and only 300 hundred miles range yeah lemme just go to Safeway and pack tow my big wheel

  17. Mmmm Hmmmm

    Mmmm Hmmmm10 päivää sitten

    I guess Ford Motor Company has decided to try and relive past glory by "bringing new tech to the every man". Worked once, I guess we'll see if lightning strikes twice.

  18. threepoint1415926

    threepoint141592610 päivää sitten

    I've seen real Rivians (albiet company trucks) on the road in Palm Springs. Several people already have their build concierge. I expect to see owners trucks on the road in July. One month late ain't bad given a global panini.

  19. Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson11 päivää sitten

    Tesla ugly truck you could make with plywood and a Skill saw. Now tesla has REAL competition so how will their dated unchanged looking cars even hope to compete? I'm not a Ford guy but it's far better than a Tesla fold and glue shaped body of their truck. I've seen better Origami than Tesla.

  20. Ari P

    Ari P11 päivää sitten


  21. Ari P

    Ari P11 päivää sitten


  22. Ari P

    Ari P11 päivää sitten


  23. Ari P

    Ari P11 päivää sitten


  24. Sam Marks

    Sam Marks11 päivää sitten

    Tesla is not a car company, they are an energy company!! Just like VW, BMW, GM, FORD, AUDI and Volvo are not car companies. THEY ARE BIG OIL COMPANIES!!!!! Go ahead and buy one if you don't give a shit about your kid's future.

  25. Celtic Batman

    Celtic Batman12 päivää sitten

    and cybertruck is butt fugly I am really excited to see this on the market too. Revolutionary is a big word, but this might be rev-lite

  26. WIBOWHunter

    WIBOWHunter12 päivää sitten

    Doug is correct, this is the best utilitarian & most affordable EV truck. Will probably b my choice of EV truck. My question is, how will it’s AWD features perform off road or in mid to high snow depths vs a gasoline F150 4wd features??? Doug, maybe u can explain that on ur next update on the Lightning!!!???

  27. Steve Matousek

    Steve Matousek12 päivää sitten

    This is gonna be the most important EV of the next few years

  28. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley13 päivää sitten


  29. Sailor of Fortune

    Sailor of Fortune13 päivää sitten

    That marketing pic of the truck being loaded with lumber that costs more than the value of the truck itself haha.

  30. G S

    G S13 päivää sitten


  31. Ken Wiebe

    Ken Wiebe14 päivää sitten

    So apparently the range is based on the EPA and it's also based on having a thousand pounds being towed as per Marquez brownie video

  32. ND

    ND14 päivää sitten

    This and the Honda e are the only EVs I think are good ideas. The Honda cuz it just fits city life and it’s a cool design. This because it looks well thought out. Hummer and Cybertruck are garbage. This F150 seems ok for a local fleet truck. I wouldn’t want it if I hauled stuff, or drive a lot of miles.

  33. vOidward

    vOidward14 päivää sitten

    I'm sure this guy said a lot of interesting stuff, but all I can pay attention to is Alabama 69.

  34. Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff

    Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff14 päivää sitten

    Hmm...I'm intrigued, but 3 days to charge? That baffles me. Maybe we need a network of 3 phase chargers. Also, I have a 300+ mile trip I take 1-2 times per month. Can I get a hybrid version with a generator?

  35. Truly Canehdian

    Truly Canehdian14 päivää sitten

    Ford is committed to maintaining its truck dominance in the market with this launch. What a beauty!

  36. xevious2501

    xevious250114 päivää sitten

    This new lightning has me thinking... why isnt their an e-bronco? that would be sicker than sick. '

  37. Manjunatha Prabhu

    Manjunatha Prabhu14 päivää sitten

    In 2001 futurists thought gwiz renault twizzy would be the future. Welcome to the future ,closed frunk crew cab body four wheel drive rear loading bay monstrosity

  38. Marcin Pisz

    Marcin Pisz14 päivää sitten

    Only 5.5' bed is disappointing

  39. Mitchell Scripter

    Mitchell Scripter15 päivää sitten

    Ford F-150 Lightning will be the EV truck of choice.

  40. Ron Forman

    Ron Forman15 päivää sitten

    Who gives a f what the name is!

  41. Ron Forman

    Ron Forman15 päivää sitten

    The real story is 80% less fuel cost and much more power and charge in your home overnight

  42. WirableCrown

    WirableCrown15 päivää sitten

    Acoustic panels

  43. The Slow Lane

    The Slow Lane15 päivää sitten

    The sound in your garage is horrible, fyi.

  44. John O'Donal

    John O'Donal15 päivää sitten

    I can't speak for others, but as an original Lightning truck owner I wonder why FORD would use an ICONIC name plate, Lightning, on what appears to be a future standard production truck offering. Makes me wonder if they could revive and change other name plates such as Thurnderbolt for a performance/Limited truck package Scheme. Over the years performance enthusiasts got tired of waiting for a V8 ranger, a Supercharged Adrenalin and other possible hints that Ford made during annual car shows. The loss of variety will eventaully make potential customers look else where.

  45. Chiefs Fan #1

    Chiefs Fan #115 päivää sitten

    Never thought about an EV until now. I’m a rancher and the tax incentives are impressive. I would also go for the cheaper model because I do not care at all about the touchscreen or any of the upgrades. But the amount of money I would save in fuel would be impressive. Obviously I would not use it to haul cattle, but I will use my super duty for that. This truck would be my every day workhorse since in reality I only haul cattle 15 to 20 times a year. The only thing that could make it better is if it is able to handle a gooseneck/hay spear.

  46. Phillip Rader

    Phillip Rader15 päivää sitten

    Damn ok that trunk is handy. Wife complains to me "get rid of your stupid tool box and get that cover thing!". No woman I like people to think I have tools and man stuff in there

  47. Michael Urbina

    Michael Urbina16 päivää sitten

    buying ford stock!!

  48. Blake Unrein

    Blake Unrein16 päivää sitten

    I need a longer range!!! I want to take my truck on trips it would take me a day to leave my state

  49. Empire State

    Empire State16 päivää sitten

    Towing and charging shouldn't be a huge issue for most people - the majority of truck owners will be driving in urban or suburna settings - definitely less than 300 miles a day! This is a great choice for small businesses and tradespeople who need to regularly haul goods. Also remember that electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain than comparably priced gas cars.

  50. TheReal JohnRawson

    TheReal JohnRawson16 päivää sitten

    I want an ev but there is almost no charging stations around

  51. packlesswolf1

    packlesswolf116 päivää sitten

    Original was a V8 supercharged. They should of called it something else. It's destroys that trucks legacy

  52. Squiggles

    Squiggles16 päivää sitten

    Bro come on, I am not trying to insult you, but it is your responsibility to make sure all information you are providing is accurate. The range is 300 miles WITH maximum capacity, NOT without.

  53. ChavoLey

    ChavoLey17 päivää sitten

    Doug ReBurro

  54. Brandon Pleasant

    Brandon Pleasant17 päivää sitten

    This is not ready to replace my current truck

  55. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller17 päivää sitten

    Can I, as a consumer, buy the base work truck version of the Lightning? Or is that completely restricted to fleet sales?

  56. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller17 päivää sitten

    I think using the Lightning nameplate was the right call. The electric connection is self evident and I frequently lament that they didn’t call the Mustang Mach-E the Thunderbird for the same reason.

  57. Jay Garland

    Jay Garland18 päivää sitten

    Can it be lifted?

  58. Michael Weber

    Michael Weber18 päivää sitten

    Bluecruise... cant resist to write into the blue cruise

  59. Man Cave Hobbies

    Man Cave Hobbies18 päivää sitten

    waste of money.. I can see having an electric car for everyday go to work and in town running around but a pickup is expected to tow, be loaded and have range for everyday work.. imagine what the tow range will be when towing a 8000 pound RV trailer..100 miles? honestly stupid..I live in a rural farming state where pretty much EVERYONE has a pickup.. nobody will buy this

  60. Man Cave Hobbies

    Man Cave Hobbies13 päivää sitten

    @Dale K. true but honestly, even if we lived in a fantasy Marvel universe where Iron man developed fusion energy, an electric pickup is just a waste of money. Now IF they would pop their heads out, develop a turbo diesel 6 cylinder 1500/2500 with good down low torque (400+) hybrid that has a range of 100 miles on electricity for everyday go to work travel... I'd buy that.

  61. Dale K.

    Dale K.14 päivää sitten

    You're on to it. These Guys are looking at the 0-60 and don't know or forgot that obama closed 100s of Power Plants and there will be no more Nuclear built. ~ So you drive in the Day and Charge at night with What??? The extra GIGAWATTS needed to charge at night is not stored in a Magical Cloud . ~ Don't fall for this trap. ~ It will flop.

  62. SirParzival

    SirParzival18 päivää sitten

    This looks like crap, I truly hope it fails.

  63. Hose2wAcKiEr

    Hose2wAcKiEr18 päivää sitten

    9:00 Anyone got an update to the timeline for the $12,500 new EV credit? I'd totally buy the extended range model.

  64. Wes Alsman

    Wes Alsman18 päivää sitten

    As a truck guy, this is hugely critical to the truck community. The guys like me who use their trucks as trucks were waiting to see when this would show up: a reasonably priced truck (compared to modern insane truck prices), that has decent range, and functional true truck guy features. It's also very important that it's Ford who did it first with the F-150. As much as I prefer Chevy, The F-150 is the top seller in every category around. If this succeeds, it will permanently change the market and customer perception. Go get 'em Ford!

  65. MrGonzonator

    MrGonzonator18 päivää sitten

    Wrong. I'm after a base Cybertruck, not for lifestyle but for longevity. A stainless steel vehicle that can take the knocks and won't dent or scratch... A long range EV that can seat 6 adults... The look of the thing is besides the point: it's a utilitarian vehicle that will stand the test of time. That and the base model won't strip out the interior like the F150 will.

  66. Philippe Fagnant

    Philippe Fagnant18 päivää sitten

    So you think the value of a mid 50 000$ bev pick up and a plug in hybrid witch cost 50 000 is not that great?? Do i get this right???

  67. TJ

    TJ19 päivää sitten

    I love that Doug is creaming his dad denims over features that didn't matter at all when it came to the Tesla Cybertruck. "The Lightning has SERIOUS benefits...only a couple minor drawbacks" "The Cybertruck is a toy for rich people." "The Lightning is a carefully thought out truck." "The frunk is an amazing idea where you don't have to have your stuff exposed to vandalism or theft!" I'm sorry - what? This moron. If you don't realize an EV F150 that has the mile range of a Hyundai Elantra isn't a 'lifestyle' product, idk what to tell you dude. Your theory on this "actual-truck-people" market Ford is supposedly going after makes zero sense. You have no idea what you're talking about. Ford, Tesla, and Rivian are all going after the 'lifestyle' truck people because they know that makes up over 90% of truck owners in America. You're just easily duped by marketing. The Lightning (and the Cybertruck for that matter) should only be used by people who never use their trucks for truck things and who never take their truck to the middle of nowhere. The EV game is about 2 things: RANGE(how good of a battery can you build) AND CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE. The current battery capabilities of EVs on trucks just ISN'T PRACTICAL, but especially on the Lightning. Ford entered a game they suck at. Either 1. to position their brand or 2. because they are afraid of the Cybertruck. Yours truly, Cybertruck Cuck.

  68. Felipe Herrera

    Felipe Herrera19 päivää sitten

    You forgot the lordstown endurance which comes out in September . they already got their beta trucks

  69. Felipe Herrera

    Felipe Herrera19 päivää sitten

    I really think you downplayed how big the whole "charging your house with your truck " thing. That is huge specially for places where outages are common like the northeast during snowstorms

  70. AJ

    AJ19 päivää sitten

    The range is 300 with payload.

  71. Benjamin Dunnigan

    Benjamin Dunnigan19 päivää sitten

    Hopefully government fleet buys aren’t counted towards the first 200,000 purchases before the tax credit goes away.

  72. DCAbsolutJohn1

    DCAbsolutJohn119 päivää sitten

    THIS...! ...is exactly what red-blooded Americans need in order to change the perception of electric vehicles. Killer speed and extreme functionality.

  73. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker20 päivää sitten

    Cyber truck will not last. Tesla will go back to cars.

  74. Matthew Sweet

    Matthew Sweet20 päivää sitten

    Is this Jay Leno's son?

  75. decrem adenip

    decrem adenip20 päivää sitten

    This will change the future of trucks! Ford will sale a bunch of the lightning F150 and like always chevy will copy and fuck it up!!!

  76. Keith Olsen

    Keith Olsen20 päivää sitten

    Doug is not one of those people who doesn't know what to do with their hands while speaking.. shit his hands actually *do* most of the talking..

  77. Keith Olsen

    Keith Olsen16 päivää sitten

    @Holman Li hahaha 👍

  78. Holman Li

    Holman Li16 päivää sitten

    Scotty Kilmer has a challenger.

  79. Juiced Baits

    Juiced Baits20 päivää sitten

    “lighting” name brought back on an electric vehicle makes perfect sense to me

  80. Steven H

    Steven H20 päivää sitten

    I'm very happy to hear that this pickup will have Blues Clues. Can't live without it.

  81. 342boss

    342boss20 päivää sitten

    I want to see what towing 7-10k does to the range. Until then, nice idea but no desire to spend three days towing a 5 hour drive. BTW Cybertruck is flat out stupid. I'd be embarrassed to be seen in one.

  82. Maxiim

    Maxiim20 päivää sitten

    I can just see all that coal burning just to charge these........

  83. David Gapp

    David Gapp20 päivää sitten

    I must admit when Ford stock dipped below $10 I was thinking the company was circling the drain. Boy, was I wrong. It's clear that Ford have a plan, have the technology, have the vision. Not the Ford that made my absolutely BS Ford Escort back in 1985!

  84. Thomas Macy

    Thomas Macy20 päivää sitten

    Oh look....its a truck for gay people.

  85. Fam Naff

    Fam Naff20 päivää sitten

    You should be more carefully when throwing around Tesla stuff.

  86. Darrin's coils&clouds

    Darrin's coils&clouds20 päivää sitten

    I’m going to get the base module for a plumbing Truck.

  87. DaDonBay1

    DaDonBay120 päivää sitten

    the base cybertruck is not a rich guy's lifestyle toy. It runs 40k.

  88. Dan Rzehak

    Dan Rzehak20 päivää sitten

    I’m happy Ford decided the truck didn’t need to be styled with “look how electric and weird I am” philosophy like literally every hideous EV being sold right now or just depressingly boring like the model 3

  89. michael valenzuela

    michael valenzuela20 päivää sitten

    They've sold me on it! I reserved mine over the weekend.

  90. GrapplingIgnorance

    GrapplingIgnorance20 päivää sitten

    It's so strange hearing everyone gush over the frunk on this F-150 as if it's some jaw-dropping innovation as if every electric truck announced and pretty much every electric sedan in existence doesn't also have one, albeit not as massive as that of a truck.

  91. Ham Solo

    Ham Solo20 päivää sitten

    Pay me you tube pay me I will review your sponsorship gimmicky truck

  92. caleb hunter

    caleb hunter20 päivää sitten

    Ford will find long-term success with this truck, but I worry that the majority of F-150 customers will reject it for the foreseeable future. Farmers love their diesel. As of now, the sentiment of rural America is very much anti-EV. Although the Lightning seems that it will be superior by nearly every metric, convincing generations of diesel truck owners to switch to an EV (something they likely see as the antithesis to their identity) will be a serious hurdle. Hopefully I am wrong.

  93. Phil Culpepper

    Phil Culpepper20 päivää sitten

    You're doing a video of reviewing a vehicle by reading the specs from the Ford website! You didnt even have a ride in the vehicle like other reviews, seriously!😴

  94. Nolan C

    Nolan C20 päivää sitten

    I promise every pool guy in America is looking at this truck. 200 mile daily routes going from $27 in gas to $6 in electricity. It adds up, and any reasonable business owner is going to spreadsheet the costs and come to the same decision I did. This just makes financial sense.

  95. BigSmartArmed

    BigSmartArmed17 päivää sitten

    Only if you lease it for 3 years and dump it. After 5-7 years it'll be an impossible money pit.

  96. Weather Warrior Media

    Weather Warrior Media21 päivä sitten

    You’d think that middle America may not be interested but you should see the HUGE amounts of wind farms they have in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas now (I did after chasing tornadoes in all those states) ….and they building more of them AND solar farms. Those farmers aren’t so poor anymore seeing how much luxury trucks are out there. And they usually don’t own just one. Having ONE F-150 electric plus a gas-powered (for that hauling stuff or long trips) will be common.

  97. Engineering Gone Wrong

    Engineering Gone Wrong21 päivä sitten

    ***tonneau cover companies have left the chat.***

  98. StrictConstitutional

    StrictConstitutional21 päivä sitten

    So looks like yet another truck for soccer mom. Diesel is still the king, unless government straight up bans it

  99. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez21 päivä sitten

    So there will no longer be gas engine Ford trucks?

  100. Austin Toomey

    Austin Toomey21 päivä sitten

    Nobody is buying this to tow and nobody is buying this for the job site. It will be a “lifestyle toy” just like every other EV. Only this will be a lower range version of the cybertruck - better looking, but lower range nonetheless.

  101. TurboDieselDan

    TurboDieselDan21 päivä sitten

    Doug is looks like he needs a bra in the video. Switch to black colored T shirts or loose weight. He's got a type of build that would see immediate results if he worked out.

  102. ??

    ??21 päivä sitten

    300 mile range is including weight in the truck. Marques Brownlee did the math in his test and it might do 450 miles with no added weight!

  103. My GⓄⓄgle

    My GⓄⓄgle21 päivä sitten

    Pickup trucks were invented to tow heavy loads and carry stuff. If we can agree to this, then Ford just committed the biggest blunder since it was founded. The concept of Ford Lightning using 200 year old battery chemistry is beyond ridiculous unless Ford engineers know something the rest of the world doesn't. A trailer carrying 10,000 lbs will drain that battery like a six-pack at a 4th of July BBQ.

  104. Cody Child

    Cody Child21 päivä sitten

    Is this guy the offspring of Jay Leno?

  105. Jesus Avalos

    Jesus Avalos21 päivä sitten

    The biggest problem is the lackluster ranger compared to a car. Furthermore, the lack of universal charging stations and so very few charging stations is going to be complicated on long-halls or cross country. (Hopefully, it changes in the near future with). It would have been great if the truck could run for 450+miles and 300 miles with max towing weight. All in all, I do think its a step in the right direction specifically with booming gas prices.

  106. james becker

    james becker21 päivä sitten

    what are the odds of someone actually wanting to purchase the 'commercial' striped down version for $39,999 ? Everybody wants this and that upgrade or even whole upgrade packages. These trucks will be $50k to $60k out the door (minus $7500 government rebate)