Here Are the 10 Worst Cars I've Ever Reviewed



Today I'm going over the 10 worst cars Doug DeMuro has ever reviewed. These are the 10 cars that are the very worst cars I've reviewed, and I will explain why they're so bad and what makes them the worst cars I've reviewed.


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  1. Derikimi

    Derikimi3 tuntia sitten

    "I know that some people are gonna take issue to this, just keep in mind you are wrong"

  2. László Mester

    László Mester15 tuntia sitten

    Yugo.. We still drove them here on Balcan.. After 40 years..

  3. Santhush PlayZ

    Santhush PlayZ19 tuntia sitten

    Doug, there’s a reason that the ferret armored car isn’t road legal, dont judge it as an actual road car. Great video though!

  4. Corm75

    Corm75Päivä sitten

    I would love to see you review a Peel P50, I think it would be your new number one worst car ever reviewed.

  5. Eligio Budde

    Eligio BuddePäivä sitten

    I, as a latino, will never understand why americans shit so much on the Mirage but shill the Ford Focus SO MUCH

  6. Jaime Padilla

    Jaime PadillaPäivä sitten

    Why do I always get Jay Leno vibes from Doug?

  7. Yianni Charalambous

    Yianni CharalambousPäivä sitten

    Before he even made the video I new the Mitsubishi Mirage would be on this list

  8. David KYS

    David KYS2 päivää sitten

    Number 1 should be nissan or infinity cuz they're soo bad

  9. Archie Jenkins

    Archie Jenkins2 päivää sitten

    1.) Hyundai 2.) Hyundai 3.) Hyundai 4.) Hyundai 5.) Hyundai 6.) Hyundai 7.) Hyundai 8.) Hyundai 9.) Hyundai 10.) Hyundai

  10. Mark Perry

    Mark Perry2 päivää sitten

    God he talks too much

  11. Skyoxi 7

    Skyoxi 72 päivää sitten


  12. Joseph Howes

    Joseph Howes3 päivää sitten

    The ELR was just overpriced. I don't get how it was a legitimately bad car.

  13. Robert Nova

    Robert Nova3 päivää sitten

    That Alabama place is sick as fuck 😂

  14. rawritsgraylan

    rawritsgraylan3 päivää sitten

    only watched to find out if the geo metro was on here and thank you im so happy my daily missed this list

  15. Francis & Enid Vega

    Francis & Enid Vega3 päivää sitten

    When are you going to test a military Hummer?

  16. Adi Muhic

    Adi Muhic4 päivää sitten

    Haha was expecting Yugo to be worst honestly 🤣

  17. frank sieckmann

    frank sieckmann4 päivää sitten

    I’d like to drive some of these

  18. David Dill

    David Dill4 päivää sitten

    The Chevy Tahoe hybrid wasn't crappy mileage when you look at the gas Tahoe getting 15 city/20 highway. The hybrid Tahoe got 20 city/20 highway. A 25% improvement over the equivalent gas Tahoe. Everything is relative. Doug should way that aspect to the Tahoe hybrid when so happily throwing it under the bus.

  19. Jack TheLad

    Jack TheLad5 päivää sitten

    Yugo doesn't deserve to be on that list I reckon.

  20. Geoffrey Deibel

    Geoffrey Deibel5 päivää sitten

    This was hilarious. The placement of the spare tire in the Yugo definitely takes the cake for me.

  21. John Smith

    John Smith5 päivää sitten


  22. Flippy Bacon

    Flippy Bacon5 päivää sitten

    Ahhh the Trabi review is what brought me to Doug’s channel!! lol Trabants still fascinate me. Like yeah, they’re objectively garbage vehicles, but that was the only car available for East Germans to buy at the time. So if one wanted an actual car, there was a waiting list years long to have……… one of these.

  23. kamuarasuu raoijimbimm

    kamuarasuu raoijimbimm5 päivää sitten

    I live in Thailand . And Yes i own Mitsubishi Mirage it drive fine very fuel efficiency(about 300-350km per full tank) but suspension is so bad.

  24. Jim O'Connor

    Jim O'Connor6 päivää sitten

    NO AMC ON HERE!!! 76 Pacer and 73 Orange Gremlin still going

  25. Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett6 päivää sitten

    If the isetta is good enough for Steve Earkel then its good enough for me.

  26. Adam Strachn

    Adam Strachn8 päivää sitten

    Isn't the BMW Urkel's car?

  27. Dark Bionic

    Dark Bionic8 päivää sitten


  28. Masud Rintu

    Masud Rintu8 päivää sitten

    Owner of those cars to doug: TRAITOR!

  29. Ed Findlay

    Ed Findlay9 päivää sitten

    The Ford Probe.

  30. TNC

    TNC10 päivää sitten

    But the Hummer H2

  31. Ezreal Knight

    Ezreal Knight10 päivää sitten

    Yes. The mirage sucks.

  32. Степан Никитин

    Степан Никитин10 päivää sitten

    Oooo Doug, my dear friend. You didn’t see a Lada Kalina, Lada Priora and Lada Vesta

  33. Rem

    Rem11 päivää sitten

    😂😂😂 you did the Murano Cross Cab SO DIRTY. even laughed while doing it

  34. John Castillo

    John Castillo11 päivää sitten

    Holy shit I just bought an 06 Lexus LX470 as my first car for $8,000 and some guy sells his low mileage car for $62,000???!?!

  35. Jehag2

    Jehag211 päivää sitten

    But you never Reviewed the iconic Ambassador from India...! You must!

  36. OutlawUniverse

    OutlawUniverse11 päivää sitten

    Back in the late 80s I remember my stepdad describing the car he had in highschool. What he tried to describe made no sense what so ever. 20 years later I realized he was talking about the bmw isseta (?). It was just so funny cause what he was describing made no dam sense.

  37. joker78

    joker7812 päivää sitten

    Let me explain the Trabant 601. It was an ordenary vehicle, build in former east germany. Before the wall came down, it was not so easy to buy a car in eastern germany. If you order a Trabant, Wartburg, Skoda , Lada etc. , you must wait 10 - 20 years to pick it up. Or you had relatives in western germany , good connection to the kommunist party or been a member of the gouvernment , army, police or secret service, then it was easier to get a car. Used Cars were more expensive then a new one.The Trabant was a personal freedom in a small country. It was also complicated to get spare parts, you need good connections to the garage and the mechanics. Very often you must swap with other rare things like mortar or coffee.

  38. joker78

    joker7811 päivää sitten

    @Mick Funny you have to visit eastern germany 😉. There still more Trabant then Tesla in germany , remember the last one was build in 1991. In Berlin you can book a Trabant - Safari - and you are sitting on the driver seat.

  39. Mick Funny

    Mick Funny12 päivää sitten

    @joker78 I know of Trabants from the U2 ZooTV concert tour in 1992, they had purchased 4 Trabants after the Wall came down and had them suspended over the stage. But I’ve never seen one being driven.

  40. Olivier Dochez

    Olivier Dochez13 päivää sitten

    So the worst "modern" car you find te worse in the Cadillac ELR, since the Mercedes is not technically a "car" but a minivan/minibus. It is a bit unfair to review cars that are 50 years old and having them reviewed like you would a modern car. Some cars are built for certain purposes. the Trabant, Isetta and the Yugo were there to get you from point a to point b cheaply, that was it. In he DDR the Trabant was the only way of transport and allowed personal vehicle for the masses . if you drive a mark 1 Yugo, with carburator instead of fuel injection, you actually have a fun, fast and nimble car. after 1991 they really got bad. Maybe you should come to the EU to try one of the Mark 1 Yugo's

  41. Алексей Слюсаренко

    Алексей Слюсаренко13 päivää sitten

    Make a review of the Russian car VAZ 2101. It is also called Djiguli. She will be at the top among the worst.

  42. Ahmedo929

    Ahmedo92913 päivää sitten

    Dude the isetta is hilarious looking😂

  43. Bill Nathan Dean

    Bill Nathan Dean13 päivää sitten

    What about that Russian car you reviewed that time? That was an awful car.

  44. JALC-x

    JALC-x14 päivää sitten

    lmao the shirt

  45. Kristian Raices

    Kristian Raices14 päivää sitten

    What about the Volkswagen thing

  46. LowellMorgan

    LowellMorgan14 päivää sitten

    The Izetta has serious cool and curiosity value, no way could this be the worst.

  47. joe sila

    joe sila15 päivää sitten

    12:08 YUGO is more then interesting ! i still drive my dad's after 30! years !!!!

  48. Mick Funny

    Mick Funny12 päivää sitten

    @joe Silas Joe where do you get parts for it, if you need repairs?

  49. Mikesb69 -

    Mikesb69 -18 päivää sitten

    #8 would definitely attract attention going down the road! -lol

  50. Ptica Dodo

    Ptica Dodo18 päivää sitten

    Yugo is like some bad experience, you definitely learn simething good from it. Making you stronger, if it doesn't kill you 😁

  51. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith18 päivää sitten

    Lowest Doug scores... coming up!

  52. 32 Bit

    32 Bit18 päivää sitten

    Top 10 worst cars reviewed by Doug: 2:50 - 10) 2005 Maserati Quattroporte ( 4:03 - 9) 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid ( 4:44 - 8) Ferret Armored Tank ( 5:31 - 7) 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage ( 6:57 - 6) 2011 Nissan Murano Cross-Cabriolet ( 8:08 - 5) Cadillac ELR ( 9:26 - 4) 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris ( 10:57 - 3) Yugo Koral ( 12:10 - 2) Trabant 601 ( 13:21 - 1) BMW Isetta (

  53. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith19 päivää sitten

    Say man why have we never seen you on Vinwicky telling a story or 3 or4 are you friends ?

  54. Drew Muz

    Drew Muz20 päivää sitten



    KOSMATI BOHEM20 päivää sitten

    True: Compared to Trabant, a Yugo was Ferrari and Mercedes in one. Yugo had side impact protection bars in the doors (in 1980!), had deforming seatbelt fixture to ease body deceleration and had 2 years warranty for rust. At the time the standard was 1 year, only Mercedes W124 more. It was bad, even for the time being, I had few of them and I considered them bad even then. But not that bad as a lot of other comunist cars. Trabi was never considered a good car even for early period in East Germany. It weas just ONLY car the most can get. The WartBurg was good car for the time being for those who can afford it. Wartburg was considered the best communist car you can get without bribe someone. It was strong as tank, fast, frugal in have good suspension and load capacity, speed, etc. But in contry to Trabant it was best you protected the underway of car straight new, or it rusted faster than Renaults of the time.

  56. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton21 päivä sitten

    Lack of specificity.

  57. Vntamed

    Vntamed21 päivä sitten

    Someone needs to buy a bunch of isettas to have a race 😂 would be so funny

  58. Артем Александрович

    Артем Александрович21 päivä sitten

    there is no Volga, good

  59. Christian Paquin

    Christian Paquin22 päivää sitten

    I was so hopping to see my first car in there... The AMC Pacer

  60. Gene Jones

    Gene Jones22 päivää sitten

    Doug. When the intro ads and promos last more than ~ 10 seconds, I pull the plug on the video. Sorry I didn’t see it.

  61. WiiSportsMX5

    WiiSportsMX522 päivää sitten

    Where would we be without Doug DeMuro?

  62. Vjotkr

    Vjotkr22 päivää sitten

    I own a Trabant and an Isetta (and its broken lmao) and i agree with you. Tho when im driving the Trabant I always have a smile on my face. It's just such a funny car to drive.

  63. DaftKnightLP

    DaftKnightLP23 päivää sitten

    The isetta is a quirky awesome little car and she's a squirrely little tuner, I don't hate it. in terms of stock performance,probably pretty bad, but it's cute so who cares :3

  64. 100forks

    100forks23 päivää sitten

    THE YUGO, a car that I made 800% when I sold it. Saw it at a repair shop. Been sitting there for a long time. Found out it had been in the same family since new. They would sell it. Price $200. Sold. Problem, it had broken the fan belt and bent all the exhaust valves. I did the work myself and here was the cost. Valves $1.25 each. Belt $9.00. Head gasket set, $19.00. Total, $33.00. Sold it on EBay for $1,800.00. Guy drove it home from NC to Fla.. Called me up and said the car drove wonderfully. No problems what so ever. I liked the car. It was what it was. Enjoyed driving it. Everywhere I went, people sought me out. All former owners wanting to reminisce about their Yugo's.

  65. incog99 SKD

    incog99 SKD24 päivää sitten

    Doug DeMuro is the only guy who can make his computer look like a back belt in the intro.

  66. [LaZaR0]M.[L.nOble]..

    [LaZaR0]M.[L.nOble]..24 päivää sitten

    The BMW? how dare you shame that marvel of a car. The steering wheel moved out of your way for you to sit on that faux leather contoured seat. The car didnt break down, it had BMW fuel assist and simply refused to run because it was very fuel efficient and smart knowing you didn't have a lot of gas money left. I call that early innovative Mr. DeMuro.

  67. Nomad Gaming

    Nomad Gaming24 päivää sitten

    They still sell the Mirage

  68. Phillip W.

    Phillip W.24 päivää sitten

    True about "commercial" cars, my company have shuttle cars, and you know what they are? Sienna, comfortable, reliable and you take out the back seats you got a decently large cargo for even commercial use.

  69. Lamczak

    Lamczak25 päivää sitten

    If you reviewed some polish cars you will encourage what be the worst cars xD

  70. kenon

    kenon22 päivää sitten

    Fiat Polskis are arguably the pick of the litter in terms of Eastern European Fiat 124/125 derivatives, I know that's not saying much.

  71. Jack McSomeone

    Jack McSomeone25 päivää sitten

    I wouldn't be surprised if the original Alabama 69 license plate was from a car owned by an incestuous family

  72. jim cherkas

    jim cherkas26 päivää sitten

    Are there any videos by Doug that don't start with the word this

  73. Ermin Klimenta

    Ermin Klimenta26 päivää sitten

    I will tell you one thing. People drive the Yugo still out of necessity in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania etc.. They go for around 400$ there's even a 2001 model called the Yugo Coral In I believe 🤣

  74. Skipper Kid

    Skipper Kid26 päivää sitten

    Is where the Volga, i am from Russia?

  75. Mr G

    Mr G26 päivää sitten

    Doug is like the closest thing to a real life Quagmire

  76. Taylor G

    Taylor G25 päivää sitten

    Except cooler

  77. ba55letmysoulfly

    ba55letmysoulfly27 päivää sitten

    My brother had a 1977 Honda Civic... in 2005. You should find one of those and review it.

  78. MatthewFolger

    MatthewFolger27 päivää sitten

    Oh man, it just hit me! You're Quentin Tarantino if he was into cars instead of movies!

  79. Oddball Skull

    Oddball Skull27 päivää sitten

    ..can’t unsee it now

  80. Oddball Skull

    Oddball Skull27 päivää sitten

    Ok I see it in his body language now..I thought you meant like personality wise lol my bad

  81. Oddball Skull

    Oddball Skull27 päivää sitten

    Do you mean his appearance?

  82. Oddball Skull

    Oddball Skull27 päivää sitten


  83. Swag

    Swag27 päivää sitten

    The isetta is somehow one of the coolest and worst cars at the same time. There’s only 1 in the entire country i live in. Don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky to of seen it.

  84. Dave Mattia

    Dave Mattia27 päivää sitten

    The is in the TOP 10 worst FItitle channels ever.

  85. Doug Trapp

    Doug Trapp28 päivää sitten

    Doug needs to review a late 70s/early 80s Chevy Chevette. It would crack the top 10 worst.

  86. Mr Kar

    Mr Kar28 päivää sitten

    Not 1 lexus on the list LOL

  87. Arcidz

    Arcidz28 päivää sitten

    Most disappointing next?

  88. Erika Love

    Erika Love28 päivää sitten

    The spotty comfort superficially satisfy because meter dimensionally collect forenenst a fresh chain. efficacious, pleasant snow

  89. laserhawk64

    laserhawk6428 päivää sitten

    Aging Wheels made #2, oof. Also, while I kinda get where you're coming from with the Urkel-Mobile... erm, forgive me, sir, but calling out a car that's in such particularly rude health that it breaks down during the review, not to mention that the dealer /couldn't even be bothered/ to make sure it was in reasonably operable condition for a relatively famous FItitler... I mean, maybe it's me but that's not something I'd exactly call fair. But -- to each their own. I want a ride in Aging Wheels' Reliant Robin, and I'm actually in the right country for it (!) so I probably don't count for much.

  90. Herioz

    Herioz29 päivää sitten

    People defending communist's cars are blinded by their nostalgia or completely delusional, they were terrible. Nobody expects anything from car from 50' but if it barely moves uphill it's barely a car.

  91. Matt Knight

    Matt Knight29 päivää sitten

    I dunno, a lot of this feels like punching down. Are we supposed to be a) surprised; or b) enlightened that Yugos and Mitsubishis are pieces of crap? Golly! Who knew?

  92. PrematuredGravy

    PrematuredGravy29 päivää sitten

    Its crazy how the communist Russia's cars are awful but their aircraft were either iconic or revolutionary.

  93. PrematuredGravy

    PrematuredGravy26 päivää sitten

    @JGjust True, true. I'm just surprised that not a single sliver of effort or ingenuity went into the cars

  94. JGjust

    JGjust27 päivää sitten

    Cars were made for the people, planes were made for the state. :)

  95. VMEMotor5

    VMEMotor529 päivää sitten

  96. VMEMotor5

    VMEMotor529 päivää sitten

    I've never understood buying a cheap new car. Buying a higher quality used car is almost always a better option, and insurance is normally cheaper too. In the case of a 2016 Mirage, an '06 Civic, for example, would be a much better option.

  97. VMEMotor5

    VMEMotor529 päivää sitten

    A Shell gas station near where I lived in the mid 90's had an Isetta that they kept out in front of the station as a "sign" of sorts to attract attention. They did drive it occasionally too.

  98. kd 876

    kd 87629 päivää sitten

    And why there is no GAZ-24 in the list?

  99. GoinManta

    GoinMantaUukausi sitten

    You did not get a ELR that was properly charged. The car is a GREAT car. You based your judgement on a car with no charge that was without most the good features.

  100. cyclops1337

    cyclops1337Uukausi sitten

    I just love when someone tries to defend communist cars...they were all shit at any time. And trabant was the shittiest of them.

  101. Josh J

    Josh JUukausi sitten

    We all probably need to drive these terrible cars for a short period to appreciate how GOOD nearly all other cars have become.

  102. Bob D

    Bob DUukausi sitten

    take a breath guy.

  103. Jason Willett

    Jason WillettUukausi sitten

    FFS the Ferret was a military vehicle. It isn't meant to be comfortable or to have great vision with large windows. Come on dude.